“It’s 10/10 or nothing.”

Darrell Hardidge is an industry-leading expert in optimising client loyalty for businesses. Known for his expertise in mastering client experience processes, Darrell assists businesses in achieving maximum client loyalty and empowers them to become market leaders in their fields.

Innovator of the loyalty metric Appreciation Certified™, Darrell and his research company Saguity have proven time and again that their unique measurement of appreciation solidifies a company’s market relevance and separates them from their competitors.

Darrell’s Seven-step Dy-Val Ladder brings together leading business theories into one applicable and proven methodology. These theories are published in his book The Client Revolution, a successful how-to guide that helps companies understand how to move beyond “satisfaction” and into the profitable realm of “appreciation.”

An engaging and leading speaker with the CEO Institute and major corporates, Darrell is highly sought after to deliver in-house seminars and workshops about optimising client experience.

Darrell’s clients vary from CEOs and big businesses to academics and entrepreneurs, all of whom he helps to understand how to deliver dynamic value.

Darrell travels internationally and across Australia as an inspirational and engaging speaker whose strategies and understanding of the client revolution are powerful assets for a modern company of any size venturing to become no.1.

Why work with Darrell?

Darrell is the founder and CEO of Saguity, a specialist company helping businesses understand what creates unshakable customer loyalty and how they can replicate the behaviours that earn the trust of their market. Saguity has surveyed over 750,000 customers and is the innovator of the service excellence metric Appreciation Certified™. This powerful new measurement benchmarks service standards, assesses client relationships, drives innovation and keeps business front of mind and highly relevant to the market.

Does he know his stuff?

Darrell’s knowledge of what defines service excellence from an independent market perspective is second to none. His customer service strategies and training have guided and influenced some of Australia’s leading companies, including APT travel, STIHL, Dahlsens, Honda MPE, AMC Cleaning and Travel Marvel. Darrell’s knowledge of how to define your point of difference through service excellence is the secret weapon of many organisations.

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The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation

Inspire. Empower. Engage your pathway to market relevance.

Understand the principles the most successful companies use to empower their teams and connect with their market. Measuring client satisfaction to assess loyalty is no longer accurate or relevant and potentially dangerous to your business strategy.

Darrell’s Story

For over 20 years, Darrell Hardidge has specialised in supporting high-performing businesses improve their customer experience and team culture. He has worked with billion-dollar companies as well as smaller, privately-owned operations. He’s spent time running a business, speaking on client experience, building customer loyalty and working for brands and companies optimising their strategy.

Darrell is particularly interested in the experience of pulling apart and re-shaping businesses so that they can better connect with their customers. This is his key driving force: client appreciation.

But what does client appreciation mean when compared to customer satisfaction?

To answer this question, Darrell founded Saguity, a consultancy that benchmarks customer experience and loyalty using a robust, scientific approach. Darrell and his team at Saguity have conducted hundreds of thousands of interviews—all over the phone—to gather relevant and applicable insights into how to build customer appreciation.

This data set has allowed Saguity to assist its range of clients and adjust their strategies. Through client journey mapping, Saguity’s clients are able to gain clarity and certainty about the cause-and-effect relations they have with their customer base.

The company’s work has particular relevance in Australia, which is not renowned for its levels of customer service and satisfaction. Saguity recognises that its clients often know why they’re working well, but don’t always have a similar understanding of when they’re not.

Darrell’s team workshops are highly engaging and effective and have a proven track record of inspiring permanent change and improvement. Darrell and his team at Saguity have helped businesses reach beyond their competition, who often measure client satisfaction with flawed and outdated systems. Darrell’s profound knowledge of what creates a market-leading service culture has been delivered to thousands of people and has inspired behavioural changes in many successful teams.

Darrell’s passion for service excellence sets him apart, and his experience based upon his own company’s IP enables him to authentically engage and connect with any level of an organisation. A speaker who really walks the talk in what defines the uniqueness of a market leading organisation, Darrell will take your team culture and beliefs to a completely new level and ensure sound commitment to excellence.

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