“If you don’t understand the principles of customer appreciation, you’ll never get beyond the limits of satisfaction and price.”

Think about how you feel when you really appreciate someone. It’s a heartfelt and long-term memory. You trust and listen to them, and you go out of your way to support them. Now, think about the people with whom you’re only just satisfied. Although they’ve done nothing wrong, you don’t connect with them as strongly. You don’t value what they have to say and trust is always a question.

Appreciation is an entirely new way to assess your customer relationships and how to benchmark your service standards. Measuring against excellence will always drive effective innovation and allow your team to increase their levels of commitment and professionalism, resulting in your business being highly relevant and front of mind.

Satisfaction is fast becoming a significant risk factor to business. The disruption of how we connect and how we purchase has changed the way we assess our loyalty and our behaviour. In many cases, there isn’t a single thought to changing who we shop with. It’s an ‘in the moment’ decision, and this is where the challenge starts. Fortunes are wasted on buying customers back when they shouldn’t have been lost in the first place, and before you know it, the business has become irrelevant.

Customer satisfaction is a very outdated and inaccurate standard. To start with, measuring the status quo of customer service is based on an average. You cannot stand out if the measurement is defining merely what is common. Every business will assure you their service is great and that they will deliver to your satisfaction, but experience will tell you something completely different. Appreciation Certified™ is your opportunity to define what makes you different and stand out from the crowd.

Your challenge today is how to define your market relevance and stay ahead of the curve. If you’re not remarkable, you’re invisible. You’re following the trend instead of creating it. Customer appreciation is the ultimate measurement for defining the culture of your organisation. As a KPI, it encompasses all the moving parts of your business and links them together to create an overall market assessment of your team’s performance. We call it the sum of all experiences.

Being certified in client appreciation sets the bar high for others to follow. It’s a powerful statement to your market that you can be trusted to deliver on your promise and will stand by your integrity. Appreciation Certified™ creates a powerful edge when positioning your business as one that backs up its promises with an independent and valid assessment.

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