Challenge the beliefs around what creates unshakable loyalty


Give your customers a reason to do business with you. Connect with them at the heart level and deliver an emotional experience that has them compelled to return and refer. Engage your audience in your mission and have them become customer service champions who love to serve.

Define your culture with customer appreciation and control the game

For over 20 years, Darrell Hardidge has specialised in supporting high-performing businesses with the strategy and implementation of their customer experience and team culture. He has worked with billion-dollar corporates and privately-owned companies, both large and small. Darrell can engage a diverse range of teams, from board level to the front line, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
His keynotes are highly engaging and effective in causing permanent change and improvement. His company has designed the very powerful metric of customer appreciation, identifying what sets a business beyond the reaches of their competition. Darrell’s profound knowledge of what creates a market-leading service culture has been delivered to thousands of people and has inspired the behavioural change in many winning teams.
A published author of the best-seller “The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation” and “The Client Revolution”, Darrell’s passion for service excellence sets him apart and his experience-based upon his own company’s IP enables him to authentically engage and connect with any level of an organisation.
A speaker who walks the talk in what defines the uniqueness of a market-leading organisation, Darrell will take your team culture and beliefs to an entirely new and inspiring level and ensure a sound commitment to excellence.