Masterclasses bespoke to your needs

Darrell’s masterclasses are a one-of-a-kind experience and follow the principles of accelerated learning, involving 100% participation and never using Power Point, your audience will be totally engaged and will learn how to design a market-leading service culture. Most importantly, your team will understand why they are responsible for being the custodians for your brand and they need to do to protect it.

The Power of 10/10 customer service

“10/10 or nothing” will become the new mantra of your team. Not just to your market, but to each other. This masterclass covers the foundations of quality service at the highest level, covering all the significant touchpoints across your company and within your team dynamics. The power of 10/10 enables a predictable process that empowers individuals to set up and commit to excellence.

Leadership: it’s all
about prediction

With so much focus and training and development, how can there be such a lack of quality leadership? Based upon the key distinctions of leading companies such as Toyota, Lexus, Honda, this masterclass will change the way your leadership team engages across all parts of your organisation. Using the foundation leadership principles of W. Edwards Deming, this masterclass will transform your team beliefs to ensure optimal results.

7 Steps to
unshakable loyalty

Any experienced manager will understand the basics of loyalty. The problem is that most are based upon a flawed process. Darrell has created a unique 7-step ladder of loyalty that covers all aspects of your company and ensures that everyone is on the same page. This masterclass covers part two of his book “The Client Revolution” defining service excellence and the ability to predict unshakable loyalty.

How to avoid the
price trap

If you would love to massively reduce or completely remove the focus on price in your business, then this masterclass is essential. It covers the key principles of what defines a price-driven market and how to move beyond the competition into a value-driven market. The price trap is often hidden and its principles unknown from the understanding of management and leadership. This masterclass will outline the proven strategies to define what creates your unique value-driven customer experience processes.

The compounding revenue formula

There are four critical steps to optimise revenue. However, most companies are not aware of how they work together and waste a fortune by investing in specific strategies that don’t have all four in balance. In this masterclass, we cover the critical steps and how to implement processes to test and measure results. Delivering the highest standards of customer experience is vital to get the most leverage out of this process. A minimum of 21% growth is covered to ensure your team are clear on how to generate high margin and professional results.

The 10 commandments

This masterclass covers the ten principles in mastering customer appreciation. Based on Darrell’s best selling book “The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation”, the key distinctions of team culture and process are covered. Based on the research insights of some of the top companies in Australia, this Masterclass will ensure your team have the clarity and understanding of what it takes to be #1 in customer service.

How to Optimise Company Value

There is a significant error in the way customer goodwill is calculated and reported. For years it’s been done via the traditional accounting process of past financials. It’s like driving your car with the rearview mirror. This masterclass covers the process behind the new customer due diligence model CX-Assurance. Knowing how to assess the real value and risk of a customer base is far more complicated than just looking at the numbers. We cover the essentials that must be on your checklist to ensure you understand the link between the company and team culture and predictable financials. If you’re selling or buying a business, raising capital or want to know how to plan for succession, this masterclass will cover what you must know.

Aligning personal and company values

The challenge for many companies is aligning company and personal values together to ensure the true purpose of WHY is clear. Often the reasons why these fail to connect and achieve the results is because it’s all about the leadership/shareholders goals and not the individual. This masterclass covers the key distinctions of personal values and how they align with company values. The role or position is irrelevant when the EQ can be aligned with the objective. Using the distinctions of the Demartini method, we cover the powerful connection between the hierarchy of personal values and the task of every position in the company to fulfil the vision and the mission.

How to build a 10/10 team culture

How is it that #1 companies attract the best people, get their best performance and often without having to pay the most? How do you get your team to deliver the highest standards of service excellence? If the answer was simple, everyone would be doing it. However, the answer is simple, but not that easy to implement, and most have the wrong theory. In this masterclass, we cover the foundation principles of how to get your team aligned and how to ensure it sticks. A 10/10 team creates the highest standards of service excellence and builds unshakable loyalty. Reflecting on how #1 companies can inspire individuals to be their best, while their competitors have to constantly motivate and hope for the best.