“You can’t put a price tag on what Darrell has bought to our team.”

Darrell delivers high-engagement, high-impact, and truly inspiring keynote speeches and masterclasses directly to in-house teams and audiences all over Australia. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the testimonials from delighted clients, many who book Darrell again and again.

Highly recommend Darrell and his dedicated team at Saguity

“Highly recommend Darrell and his dedicated team at Saguity. Over the last two years they have helped us to truly understand how end customers feel about our brand as well as the level of service our dealers provide. Customer service is king in this day and age and Saguity have a unique way to quantify how successful or otherwise we and our dealers are at providing service to our customers.

The detailed reports provide critical insights that can actually be used to ensure we and our dealers continue to evolve and refine our service as well as our products to ensure service levels second to none. Don’t risk using gut feel and find out what your customers honestly think about your business, products and dealers.”

Ray Briffa
Assistant General Manager Power Equipment & Marine
Honda Australia

One of the best presentations I have ever attended

“Darrell recently presented to a group of 40 of our managers, supervisors and administrative staff on the subject of customer appreciation. The presentation took place over 1 day and I must say, it is one of the best presentations I have ever attended. The interactive nature of the presentation ensured that we all remained engaged from start to finish. The feedback from attendees was excellent and as a result of this, we are arranging a second presentation for the balance of our staff.

We all had a number of key takeaways, but what is really encouraging, is that as a group we are actively using some of these principles, ideas and takeaways in our daily operations, that will no doubt assist us in delivering excellence in customer service.”

Belinda Seddon
UrbanVirons Group

Working with Saguity has helped us bring the customer to life at Kordia

“At Kordia we design and build mission critical communications infrastructure for our clients. We engaged Darrell and the team at Saguity to survey to our customers via a personalised call. This gave us a number of things; it gave us an NPS which was great. It also told us what was important, what we were doing well and what we were not doing well. In fact it told us that the very thing that our customers loved us for, when we were doing it well, was also the very thing that annoyed them when we didn’t do it well.

We also discovered that our price wasn’t important in the scheme of things. Yes we have to be competitive but we don’t have to be the price leader. We have to be consistent in “what we do well”. This was proven in between Survey 1 and Survey 2 where one of our customers NPS scores moved 300% as a direct result of the team being consistent in the quality of their delivery. Working with Saguity has helped us bring the customer to life at Kordia.”

Matthew Madden
Group Executive
Kordia Solutions

Very interactive while relating to our business and the challenges our staff face

“Darrell has been providing workshops to Carinya Society for over 4 years. He has taken all of our staff through the client journey and is now able to deepen the learning behind how to achieve client loyalty. His wisdom and workshop is the most enjoyed by our staff every year and he is very interactive while relating to our business and the challenges our staff face in the work they do.

Having worked with Darrell, I see the main impact for Carinya Society to be a true understanding of what it means to strive for client loyalty by delivering exceptional services.

Working with Saguity has impacted Carinya, as they helped set us on a path of engaging annual surveys of our participants and families, and the response has been amazing. There service is always tailored to suit what we need.”

Debbie Mitchell
Carinya Society

Having Saguity complete Leakeal’s CX research has been extremely helpful

“For me and my business, the main difference of having Darrell work with our entire team is creating clarity in the direction we need to head, and the way we want to go about it. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but Darrell has really helped me express this to my team and others in the business, including our trades and contractors.

The workshops have been instrumental in getting the message across of how important 10/10 is at Lekeal. It got everyone thinking about what score they might currently be at with jobs and how they can be a 10 instead of a 7 or 8. The discussions really highlighted that 7 or 8 isn’t the top and not good enough, and helped the team understand that our standard is a 10.

Having Saguity complete Leakeal’s CX research has been extremely helpful in identifying issues we never knew existed and enabled us to act quickly to create a positive client experience.

Some of the results were very surprising and it’s because it was from the client’s perspective and not ours. The difference of catching these issues at the right moment throughout the clients’ journey has been key to providing a high-quality service and product.”

Ken Stevenson
Managing Director
Lekeal Pty Ltd

Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Darrell and the work his team does at Saguity

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Darrell and the work his team does at Saguity. If you want to measure and optimise your customer experience, then Darrell will provide you with the understanding and tools to do so. He will show you how to become a market leader in your field and how you can blow your competition away.

I’ve been working with Darrell and his team over the last 5 years having had 4 client surveys done during that time. Darrell has helped us vastly improve our client experience over that time which has resulted in more profitable work and less discussions with clients about our fees. Each year, Darrell has bought something new to the process which has helped us gain better insights and allowed us to further fine tune our processes and provide a better client experience.

The data his team provide on our customer experience research is nothing short of amazing, and I am always impressed with how it is presented which makes it easy to understand.

The workshops that Darrell runs after each survey allow us to take learnings and build them into our processes. My team’s KPI’s now have a component that comes from the surveys and I intend to keep working with Darrell as I know it will continue to improve my business.”

Damien Battersby
Proactive IT Solutions

Saguity has positively impacted us at Insight Systems

“Working with Saguity has positively impacted us at Insight Systems. It’s given us a common goal and honest point to work toward. We have gained an understanding of what’s important to our clients and it’s also brought our team together in our focus of customer experience.

The process has enabled us to understand what we need to get better and better for their clients. Our focus is on our customer and wanting best for them. Saguity’s results were able to give us good knowledge of our business, highlighting strengths and weaknesses within different departments. The only feedback we once before working with Saguity was either really good or really bad. Understanding the mediocre is also so crucial and has been our focal point.”

Daniel Baldwin
Insight Systems Group Pty Ltd

The best investment ICMI has made in over 30 years

“Darrell is by far the best investment ICMI has made in over 30 years. He has literally helped change the landscape of our organisation for the better.

Darrell and his team accomplished it by personally interviewing over 500 of our clients to assess their experience working with us. Each component of our business / the booking process was reviewed and given an overall score, which illustrated areas of strength and areas for improvement, all of which were invaluable nuggets of information.

Plus, the insights his team unearthed from the one-on-ones, laid a foundation for our marketing platform, driving the positioning of our brand. I cannot say enough great things about Darrell. He is truly an invaluable asset to any business.”

Barry Markoff
CEO & Founder
ICMI Speakers and Entertainers

 Saguity is in a league of their own

“If you are committed to quality in your business and want crystal clear insight as to what your customers really think about your business or brand, Saguity is in a league of their own. Not only do they deliver untainted results, they give you a predictable process to move quickly towards the results you need to achieve to be successful. The insights we have gained at Tyack Health by using them I don’t believe we could have gained using other similar companies. I highly recommend Darrell and his team.”

Joel Tyack
Tyack Health

Thanks Saguity—great product and service

“We at Linkfire use Darrell’s team at Saguity to do market research on our clients experience with Linkfire. On both occasions we have received vital information that has helped improve our customer appreciation and promoter score. It gives us an insight on what we’re good at, what we need to improve on and importantly what their expectations are.

Thanks Saguity—great product and service.”

Alistair Nicoll
Founder & Managing Director
Linkfire Pty Ltd

Understanding of our customers has helped us focus our attention on the things that matter

“We’ve been working with Darrell and his team at Saguity for a little over 12 months. Through the research they’ve conducted and the insights Saguity has provided, our managers have been better able to connect our customer’s needs back to tangible actions within our value stream. This deeper understanding of our customers has helped us focus our attention on the things that matter to our customers and given our staff clarity in addressing the process and behavioural improvements we need to elevate ourselves in the minds of our customers.

Darrell’s insights into the value of customer loyalty has also helped our management focus shift from always chasing new market and new customers and start to put greater value in actions that will develop a deeper relationship with our current customers. This new focus brings a calmness to the strategic approach and allows the organisation to focus on continual improvement, rather than always hoping to ‘strike gold’ at the next pass. Instead of always trying to fill an emptying bucket, we’re fixing the holes that cause the bucket to empty!

Saguity offer much more than just the research findings. They’ve become a trusted consultant as we strive to make our customers the most important part of our business.”

Nathan Holmes
General Manager
Supply Chain AusPits

Darrell’s ongoing work/workshop is an integral part of our strategic plan

Working with Darrell and his team at Saguity has provided our Alexander Symonds team with a common language and agreed processes that we use as we strive to achieve a 10/10 client experience. It has reinforced / confirmed our focus in our strategic plan and has brought our people together to be on the same page around the client experience.

Darrell’s workshop brought together a number of different concepts and ideas that we had about our company and our clients in a such a way that we can now more easily visualise what the future looks like for our business. Everyone was very engaged, and this is evident by the questions raised during the workshop and the ongoing questions / discussion that has been occurring since the workshop.

Darrell’s ongoing work / workshop is an integral part of our strategic plan and helps underpin the ongoing success of our business. Having had Saguity compete our CX Research Project, the impact on our business one year from now will be that clients will experience significantly less variation when they engage with us and there will be an increased level of appreciation.

Glen Hordacre
Managing Director
Alexander Symonds

Darrell and his team are passionate about delivering results

“Darrell and his team are passionate about delivering results and adding value. I have seen how our first year with Saguity has strengthened Sussex’s focus. The staff day with Darrell was fantastic. It gave us a measurable base point for everything we do.

Being the last manufacturer vertically integrated in Australia, to engage our team from metal foundry to sales team was essential for our company’s future.

We now all speak in terms of 3% corrections, adding value, and continuous learning. I’m excited about the progress we will see in our family business over the coming years!”

Vanessa Katsanevakis
Sussex Taps

One of our top rated recordings to date

“I profiled Darrell Hardidge on The Mentor List. The themes and inspiration of the recorded show titled Client Appreciation has been enjoyed immensely by the show listeners and remains to be one of our top rated recordings to date.

Thanks for being a Mentor of the show and for sharing your wisdom with the audience.

You can find the episode at mentorlist.com.au.”

David Lewis
The Mentor List

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